Warm-Ups for Hollitown's Voice Lessons

Take responsibility for your voice.  Warming up prior to singing is hugely important to your vocal health.  To help you treat your voice well, Hollitown recommends our unique warm-up system to all of our students, beginners through advanced.

Hollitown’s warm-up method:

Talk casually throughout the day leading up to singing time.  And, hydrate your voice with water throughout this whole warm-up process (room temp is recommended to avoid quick temp changes in the throat, although I prefer chilled and that has always worked fine for me).  

About an hour and a half before you sing, talk fairly continuously for about 20 minutes to half hour (make a phone call or two, have a conversation, read aloud from a book, etc.). 

Rest your voice for about 10 to 15 minutes after your half hour talk.  Then, sing several easy songs (about 2 or 3 of them). 

After singing 2 to 3 easy songs, move on to more challenging material.  Sing about 2 of these songs.  But, only use your head voice (known as falsetto for males) to sing the higher notes. 

(Beginner students may stop at this point, unless interested in trying more challenging material.  Remember, singing should never hurt, so stop and try again if it ever does.  Take good care of your voice.) 

Intermediate and advanced students continue:

After singing 2 more challenging pieces using head voice, you should begin to use belts and more complicated techniques as your voice feels comfortable and open to the move.  Hydrate as needed.  After singing about 2 or 3 songs in your competence level, you should be well warmed up.

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