Terms & Warm-Ups

Hollitown'sTM Terms of Service                                                                                                                 

Thank you for choosing Hollitown.  Below you will find our terms of service, which are subject to change at any time, without notice.  By making a services or products purchase, you are agreeing to Hollitown’s terms of service.  You, also, agree that Hollitown's final decision on any matter is binding, and you understand that these terms of service are not all inclusive, as all possible situations cannot be foreseen.  If any part of Hollitown’s terms of service is found to be unenforceable for any reason, the remaining parts will remain in effect.

  1. Expiration of service payments:  All services purchased must be scheduled at the time of payment and used on the scheduled date or you forfeit the fees paid.
  2. Behavior expectations:  You agree to behave responsibly and respectfully at all times before, during, and after all Hollitown lessons and events. Behaving responsibly includes respectful interaction with Hollitown staff and students, as well as full, motivated participation in all course activities, lessons, etc. You understand that if you behave in any way that is deemed unacceptable by Hollitown staff, you may be dropped from your course / lessons or asked to leave an event. In any case, you forfeit all fees paid. 
  3. Children under the age of 18:  All children and teens (anyone under the age of 18 years old) receiving a service or product from Hollitown will be accompanied and monitored by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian agrees to remain in the events building at all times while the child or teen is participating in any face to face lessons, event, etc. The parent or guardian agrees to remain on-site so he or she can be responsible for the child or teen at all times. Hollitown staff will not be responsible for any child or teen even while honoring our sales obligations (example:  to provide singing lessons). If the service is provided in an online forum (such as video Skype), a parent or guardian agrees to be present at the child’s location the entire time and will remain in close enough proximity to audibly monitor the lesson and remain fully responsible for the child or teen. They will also need to be readily reachable by Hollitown staff in case any technical issues arise, etc.
  4. Refunds:  There are NO refunds of any kind for any reason. All fees are due in full whether you attend classes or events, are dropped due to unacceptable behavior, etc. You understand that once you schedule a lesson, event attendance, etc., you are reserving a spot and time. It is your responsibility to arrive on time, be prepared, and fill that spot well. 
  5. Re-scheduling:  There is no re-schedule provision for any of Hollitown events or services.  
  6. Billing, payments, fees:  It is your responsibility to pay for services and events on time and in full to save your scheduled spot. A late fee of $35 will be assessed if payment is received any time after the scheduled due date. A $35 stop payment fee will be assessed in the event of a stop payment. A $35 to $70 fee will be assessed in the event of a check that fails to clear (depending on whether or not Hollitown incurs fees directly from any financial institution, etc.).
  7. Schedules / holidays:  At the start of each term, be sure to mark your personal calendar to reflect start and stop dates for the term, as well as any holidays or scheduled days off, to avoid any confusion.

Warm-Ups for Hollitown's Voice Lessons

Take responsibility for your voice.  Warming up prior to singing is hugely important to your vocal health.  To help you treat your voice well, Hollitown recommends our unique warm-up system to all of our students, beginners through advanced.

Hollitown’s warm-up method:

Talk casually throughout the day leading up to singing time.  And, hydrate your voice with water throughout this whole warm-up process (room temp is recommended to avoid quick temp changes in the throat, although I prefer chilled and that has always worked fine for me).  

About an hour and a half before you sing, talk fairly continuously for about 20 minutes to half hour (make a phone call or two, have a conversation, read aloud from a book, etc.). 

Rest your voice for about 10 to 15 minutes after your half hour talk.  Then, sing several easy songs (about 2 or 3 of them). 

After singing 2 to 3 easy songs, move on to more challenging material.  Sing about 2 of these songs.  But, only use your head voice (known as falsetto for males) to sing the higher notes. 

(Beginner students may stop at this point, unless interested in trying more challenging material.  Remember, singing should never hurt, so stop and try again if it ever does.  Take good care of your voice.) 

Intermediate and advanced students continue:

After singing 2 more challenging pieces using head voice, you should begin to use belts and more complicated techniques as your voice feels comfortable and open to the move.  Hydrate as needed.  After singing about 2 or 3 songs in your competence level, you should be well warmed up.

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