Hollitown is a professional performance coaching company. Starting with a focus on vocal performance artists, Hollitown owner Holli Willibey has coached students to some impressive industry successes. Student credits include Tony Honors, Grammy nomination, lead roles on Broadway and in film, national television appearances, and much more.

But, performance coaching has never been the “only thing” Hollitown has offered.

Currently, Holli teaches psychology out of several California Community Colleges. She has used psychology for decades to help her students advance to levels of success many others only DREAM of.

Holli is also in the process, right now, of updating her original learning theory, the “Hollitown Learning Theory,” in a series of training workbooks. These workbooks will be made available to the public to purchase as they are written!


Have you ever wanted to learn psychology theory? Who hasn’t? But, is it really possible to learn it rapidly and start to use it right away..? It is.

Here’s how to get started on your own personal journey into the human condition, the Hollitown way:

1. CLICK HERE to get your copy of Training Workbook 1 on Amazon:

Wrkbk 1

2. Do the work in your workbook right away!

3. Click here to listen to the Hollitown podcasts for Classical Conditioning.  

4. Review your workbook material again, then go back to the Hollitown podcasts page to listen to the full live workshop 1 audio.


Once you are finished, you can email Holli directly at Holli@Hollitown.com to ask to be put on her email list. You will receive emails when new training materials are posted. (You could also send her your email request right now.)

What can you expect to learn if you stick with the Hollitown Self-Help & Performance Psychology Training Workbook Series? 

This series will eventually become a collection that will help you understand the full human experience from the inside out! There is NOTHING else like it available anywhere.

Be a part of something big, and stop letting other people tell you how to “fix” yourself. Instead, join Hollitown on a trip into your OWN psyche, and see what you find (if you dare). 

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