What if you had the chance to train with a pro-focused performance coach with 13 years experience who has already trained students to attain outstanding industry achievements?

What if you had the opportunity to develop gold standard industry-relevant abilities for yourself, abilities that would set you apart from your competition in the field of acting?

Would you do it?

Here is your chance to go from talking about success to training for success.

Pro-focused Performance Coach Holli Willibey is accepting new students. Training with Holli will be like nothing you have ever done before, and it will not be easy. But, Holli’s top students have seen results that prove this training is well worth the effort!

Student credits include Tony Honors, Grammy nomination, lead roles on Broadway, lead role in national release film, and much more. 

You might be thinking, “Okay, but this is Hollywood, there are lots of stars here. Maybe these students would have made it anyway..” Think so? 

Here is the reality: NONE of the students Holli has trained that made it to “star” status began their training in California or even in New York for that matter. All were from Florida (where Holli originally began coaching performance artists). All were “regular” people who wanted to learn to sing and perform. Some wanted to become stars, some did not. In fact, Holli’s top performing student started out taking lessons just because her sister was taking them. She did not even want to be a star at that time. But, all of Holli’s students who “made it” also trained with Holli for a number of years and were very dedicated to the development of high quality skills. All stuck with Holli’s training even when they were tired, “too busy,” experienced occasional self-doubt / stage fright, and when many of life’s other issues could have gotten in the way.  

Holli has been training students since 2005. But, her coaching work has always been part time. Over the years, she took on a number of students. Only about 5 to 6 of Holli’s students actually stuck with her for more than 2 years of training. And, as it turned out, that decision made a huge difference in outcome for those students. 

Here is where it gets REALLY EXCITING: Of those 5 to 6 students that trained with Holli for more than 2 years, ALL of them earned some sort of local recognition, and a full 4 have either worked in enviable positions in the industry or had the chance to do so. That’s right, that is a more than 60% success rate if you look at those students who have done superbly (2 of those students actually earning full-blown STAR status, both with national exposure). It is a full 100% success rate if you look at those who made serious enough improvements to get more attention at least locally. Those are some incredible numbers!

Over the years, Holli has learned that there are numerous “ingredients” to success. She uses her knowledge as an independent vocal artist and her training in psychology (M.S. in general psychology) to help students develop insanely targeted technical skills, to overcome personal fears, and to rise to the top of their game. 

So, if you schedule an audition with Holli, make sure you are ready to be pushed to your limits and to work for the long-haul. The kind of results Holli’s long-term training can produce do not come easy. And, while Holli cannot guarantee your results, if you put in the work over time with this level of excellent training, she can say that there is zero reason why YOU cannot see your own name in lights at some point. How can she confidently say this? Because a number of her students already have! 

It is time for you to make your decision right now. Are you in Hollywood to TALK about success, or are you in Hollywood to really do everything you can, to give it your BEST shot at succeeding in a ridiculously competitive industry? 

If you are here to get things done, call Holli right now: (323)320-2247 to schedule your audition. 

But, if you are pretty sure you can get it done alone, please do not call. Holli is looking for the most dedicated students she can find so she can continue to push training boundaries and create more star-ready performance artists.

Are you in, but not sure if you can afford Holli’s pro-focused training? Luckily, she has a sliding-scale fee system to make sure everyone who really wants to learn has the chance to study with her. 

What are you waiting for then?! 

Let’s get you started on the path to meeting your wildest dreams in real life right now. Call Holli at (323)320-2247. 

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