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Are you living up to your full potential? 

Ever wondered what makes people tick? 

Ever wondered what makes YOU tick?

Hello. I am Hollitown owner and Professional Performance Coach Holli Willibey. I have been applyiing psychology with my students for decades, and have been formally teaching psychology at the college level since 2013. 

While earning my M.S. degree in general psycholgy, I spent a lot of time formalizing my own groundbreaking theory sets. Processing the expansion of my original learning theory has allowed me to understand the human condition at a deep level. With each new expansion, I have become more of an expert in the subjects of human learning, education, and human development. 

By developing my own greater understanding of the human condition, I have also enhanced my ability to create materials and trainings to help my students make rapid personal changes. 

My work has been very rewarding, I can tell you that for sure! There really is nothing better than watching people set and achieve personal goals. Watching dreams unfold into reality has driven my work for many years now, as I expect it will for years to come.

Id like to share what I know with you. Are you up for the challenge? 


As a result of my life’s work, I have developed numerous techniques to help my students learn about themselves, break through personal barriers, and achieve lifelong goals. 

Some of my students' goals have been set pretty high over the years, perhaps seemingly unattainably high to some. 

And yet, still, I have been able to help these students meet and even exceeded these goals. 

Examples include performance arts students who went from simply having dreams of stardom to landing lead roles on Broadway, performing on national television, and even earning Tony Honors and a Grammy nomination!

Other client goals that have been met or exceeded over the years include earning the opportunity to skip a grade in school, tackling social anxiety issues to make new friends, making improvements in personal behavior and emotional self-control, and much more.

My question to you is this: 

What are YOUR goals..?

I want you to know that, with hard work and a clearer understanding of the human condition, your goals are attainable, too.


Join me for my Self-Help & Performance Psychology Interactive Lectures, or contact me to schedule a private coaching session. 

Either way, you will learn about psychology theory in a way that will have you exploring yourself and the world around you at a deeper level than you ever thought possible. 

Worried about training costs?


You can always start by trying my interactive lectures. These are FREE, except for the cost of participation materials which is usually between $5 and $10 per lecture. 

These interactive lectures are specifically designed to meet the training and educational needs of anyone interested in self-advancement. And, you can customize your training experience to tackle personal issues. 

From parents, to performance artists, to business owners and managers, to teachers, to young adults, everyone can benefit from participation because the interaction potentials are very personalized. 

The opportunity to train with Hollitown in either the Interactive Lectures format or the private coaching format is truly unique. 

Be a part of this exciting explorative experience by signing up now.

If you have an interest in learning, a desire to do better for yourself, or a personal need to help others excel, you will want to take part in this amazing learning opportunity.

Call (323)320-2247 for more information, or email Hollitown using the form below.


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